shuck «shuhk», noun, verb.
1. a husk, pod, or shell, especially the outer covering or strippings, as of corn (maize), chestnuts, or hickory nuts.
2. the shell of an oyster or clam.
3. U.S. Slang. fake; bluff: »

Everybody with a brain in his head knew that this was the usual bureaucratic shuck (Harper's).

1. to remove the husk, pod, or shell from: »

to shuck ten ears of corn.

2. to open the shells of (oysters or clams).
3. Informal, Figurative. Also, shuck off, a) to take off; remove: »

I like to shuck my shoes when I'm indoors.

b) to get rid of: »

We must shuck off the habits of the past (Harper's).

[origin uncertain]
shuck´er, noun.

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